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The top cases demonstrating the continued existence of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Only the highest ranking cases, as determined by our objective Evidence Scoring System (ESS), are included here. (Cases scoring within one or two points of each other should be considered essentially equal.) When a new case qualifies to be added, the lowest ranked case on the list is moved to the Honors List. Due to the difficulty of comparing cases based on communications with cases based on recollections, and to make the list easier to grasp, these are divided into two sections: the top 20 spirit-contact cases and the top 20 reincarnation cases.
Click on the case name to see a description of that case. Click on the score to see how that score was determined using the ESS. Click on the source for more information — if it is in a book.
The 20 Most Convincing
Spirit-Contact Cases

Mediums / Ouija / Possession / Apparitions
Year Case Name and Identification Number Score Source
2006 New Meaning for 'Soul Mate'   [ID#24] 285 Eisenbeiss
1930 The R-101 Disaster   [ID#14] 285 Price
1957 The Mysterious Death of Edgar Vandy  [ID#39] 277 Gay
1939 Relics Revealed & Revisited   [ID#15] View Photos 277 Garland
1989 A Country Revival   [ID#71] 275 Stevenson
1898 Friends and Strangers   [ID#48] 275 Hodgson
2003 An Untimely Valentine   [ID#35] 271 Ginsberg
1924 Fire and Iceland [ID#70]  271 Haraldsson
1879 The Return of Mary Roff   [ID#45] 270 Myers
1949 Anna's Amazing Abilities   [ID#67] 268 Westwood
2004 The Murder of Jacqueline Poole   [ID#69] 267 Playfair
1897 Cloak and Danger   [ID#44] 267 Johnson
1982 The Ghosts in the Machines [#17] 266 Meek
1916 The Picture of Raymond Lodge  [ID#62] 265 Lodge
1973 A Cameo Reappearance  [ID#64]  264 Stevens
2013 A Tale of Two Tattoos [#80] 264 Robertson
1904 The Unforgotten Coin  [ID#68] 264 Funk
1918 Soule Proves the Soul   [ID#56] 263 Hyslop
1907 The A.B.C. Sťances  [ID#30] 262 Abbott
1909 The `Deadicated' Reporter   [ID#66 ] 261 Funk
The 20 Most Persuasive
Reincarnation Cases

Regressions, Recollections, & Visions of Other Lives
Year Case Name and Identification Number Score Source
2009 One More Mission   [ID#65] 290 Leininger
2011 Ex-Actor Makes Comeback   [ID#79] 286 Tucker
1991 A Submariner Resurfaces   [ID#59] 284 Brown
1977 The Spirits Seller's Spirit [ID#76] 283 Stevenson.
1990 The Strangers Were Lovers [ID#60] 281 U.M.
2002 Guns and Rebirth   [ID#74] 279 Haraldsson
1963 Keeping Them In the Family   [ID#77] 278 Stevenson
1978 The Numbers of the Beast [ID#21] 276 Netherton
1981 Coming Back Down Under  [ID#78] 276 Ramster
1993 A Town Reborn  [ID#23] 275 Rieder
1956 The Rebirth of Bridey Murphy  [#36] Listen to record of first hypnosis session: : Side A    Side B 275 Bernstein
1995 Round Trip To Allentown   [ID#63] 273 Sightings3/23
1999 The Policeman and the Painter   [ID#19] 270 Snow
1993 Family Lost and Found  [ID#61] 270 Cockell
1982 The Apprentice Murderer  [ID#22] 269 Goldberg
1978 Death In The Garment District  [ID#20] 268 Netherton
2003 My Mother's Brother Is My Father's Son [#75 ] 267 Stevenson
2006 Scotland Redux   [ID#81] 266 Robertson
2000 Dying To Meet Each Other  [ID#18] 264 Newton
1995 Having A Friend   [ID#72] 264 Andrade
Sex After Death

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